Who We Are

In August 2017, the Western New York Impact Investment Fund officially launched. This innovative for-profit investment fund featured the collaboration between corporate, private and philanthropic investors who pooled their capital to seek both financial and social returns to support the WNY resurgence. The fund is committed to providing a new source of funding for socially responsible organizations and businesses located in the eight counties that comprise the Buffalo/Niagara region, while also seeking a financial return on investment. Social impact includes, but is not limited to: workforce education/development, workforce diversity, neighborhood revitalization, health and environment, and job creation. The launch represents the culmination of three years of research and preparation, led by the Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo.


Thomas P. Quinn, Chief Executive Officer

F. Duane Conners, Investment Associate

Curtis Robbins, Senior Social Impact Analyst

Our Team

Our staff embodies the intent of the fund and exemplifies a connection and commitment to Western New York through their work, lives, and families.

Board of Directors

  • Thomas Hunt, Chair
  • Andrew Rudnick, Vice Chair of Social Impact
  • Brigid Doherty, Vice Chair
  • Northrup Knox, Vice Chair of Business Due Diligence
  • William Joyce
  • Buford Sears
  • Thomas Hyde
  • Glenn Jackson
  • Melissa Baumgart
  • Luke Jacobs
  • Carrie Frank
  • Pete Grum

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